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Our Forms

To engage PBS Australia as your Private Certifier to assess your application for Building Rules Consent the following is required:

  • PBS Letter of Engagement and Application form.   DOWNLOAD FORM
  • Planning Consent from Council with all attached Conditions and Notes and Stamped Plans.
  • Two hard copies of the Plans, Specifications, Footing Design, Energy Efficiency Report and any other relevant Calculations.

Or, if you would prefer to send your application through electronically please email it to pbs@pbsaust.com.au

As most councils have transitioned to online lodgement we may be able to submit the approval electonically to save printing costs, please contact us to find out if we can do this elecrontically for you.

After all satisfactory details have been provided, Building Rules Consent will be issued and sent to Council for full Development Approval. The Building Consent is usually issued within a week or two!

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to come in and speak to us or contact us on (08) 8374 2211.