Some of the services offered by PBS Australia are:

  • Building Certification
  • Building Surveying and Urban Planning
  • Assistance during the design phase
  • Energy Assessment
  • Swimming Pool Certifiers
  • Separating Fire Wall Inspections
  • Building Inspections and Certification during Construction
  • Building Audits – including Occupational Health and Safety and Disability, Discrimination Act
  • Checks on Building Contract Documentation and Quantities
  • Expert advice on sound building practice and the requirements of Building Codes and Standards
  • Fire Safety Inspection and Reports
  • Inspections and reports on existing buildings for structural adequacy, short and long term maintenance requirements, etc
  • Written Statements on completion attesting that the work has been completed in accordance with approved plans and to a satisfactory standard

PBS is unique in that our building surveyors are multi disciplined having an extensive knowledge of all elements of the development approval processes, including building, planning, land divisions etc…